Make informed decisions on financial market events like never before

Explore event data

Arua is your resource for financial event data (quarterly earnings, corporate activity, press releases, and more). Dive into historical events of your interest and study how security returns behave via a simple click and point UI.
With Arua, you never have to worry about scavenging for financial event information again!

Identify winning strategies

Arua automates the statistical analysis process on the basis of your input: adjust event windows, choose your prediction model, compare with competitors, and more. Arua allows anyone to assess, spot winners, and build a profitable event-based trading strategy!

Build trading workflows

Once your strategy has been tested and validated with historical data, unleash your strategy on the markets: Arua allows you to build and visualize your strategy. Track the performance of your Strategies and even automate the execution by making use of our Bot builder!

Launching soon

Arua is the first real-time financial data and information platform focused on event studies built for the retail market. With Arua, users are able to study the (abnormal) historical returns of securities around events (e.g. quarterly earnings/board-change/product announcement/etc) and build executable event-based trading strategies with a click & point UI.

Our team is currently working on building the alpha version of the platform. For interested users, please send us your contact details to register for the alpha release and to stay up to date with our developments!